A lot of things have happened since I first took up the nom de plume “The Packet Rat” in 1994. For 15 years, I wrote a rumors/thinly-veiled-autobiography/surrealist tech column under the byline “R. Fink” for Government Computer News, before a redesign (and some significant corporate consolidation at 1105 Media) ended that run. In the meantime, my actual packet hunting (and other information security) exploits had continued in research and lab ops at InformationWeek, Ziff Davis, a fever-dream of a year at Tech Target, and various other exploits before landing at 1105 to run Defense Systems (and having to give up the freelance check for The Rat).

Since then, I’ve been doing cyber shit at Ars Technica. But now I’m fully down the infosec rabbit hole in a threat research role, and embarking on a book about deep packet inspection with Dave Porcello, late of Pwnie Express and other ventures.


By Sean Gallagher

Infosec Researcher. Erstwhile journalist. Natsec pundit. Fancy Bear aficionado.

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